A New Series Underway!

2008-01-23 03:42:00 by bleeding-spaz

Okay, So Now I'm Working On This New Series Called "Dear Diary" It's Mainly About This Guy And His Day. My Goal Is For It To Be As Funny And Liked As Possible With The Littlest Detail. It Might Be Hard To Imagine That I Do Work Hard On These. But Yeah, Hopefully, the First Episode Doesn't Get Blammed. The Preview Is Up. So Just Go Check That Out. It Doesn't Matter If That's Blammed.


I Am Currently Writing A Flash Series That HAs A Story But Also Comedy. I Am Looking For A Co-Writer/Designer. I Can Do Alot, But I'm Not The Greatest Designer. I Am Currently Working On An Animated Short That Im Putting Alot OF Time And Effort Into. This Will Have NOthing To Do With The Series I'm Working On.

Please Hit Me Up If You Are Interested!

Yo Yo Yo, Hear Me Now.

I'm Am Not Good At Making Flash Movies Or Games, But I Have Ideas That Could blow Minds!

Hit Me Up If You Are Either:

A. Good At Flash Design And/Or Scripting
B. Just Starting, But Still Know The Basics Of Flash Designing And/Or Scripting.

I Just Need My shit Out There As Well As You!