Entry #3

A New Series Underway!

2008-01-23 03:42:00 by bleeding-spaz

Okay, So Now I'm Working On This New Series Called "Dear Diary" It's Mainly About This Guy And His Day. My Goal Is For It To Be As Funny And Liked As Possible With The Littlest Detail. It Might Be Hard To Imagine That I Do Work Hard On These. But Yeah, Hopefully, the First Episode Doesn't Get Blammed. The Preview Is Up. So Just Go Check That Out. It Doesn't Matter If That's Blammed.



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2008-01-23 04:02:31

Looking forward to it!


2008-01-23 04:45:58

hey man, ive seen the preview and episode one
you may have read my comment on both of them
im not putting your series down or anything, because i think that both it and you have potential
let me just say, that everything after the preview was disapointing, i also thought it would be longer
and will the vandalism be explained in the next episode?

i understand the little detail thing, but i do think your illustrations need work
try drawing them with the pencil or something, it would just make the imagery and the unique quality better

but keep at it my friend
your movies may not be fairing well at the moment, but its always a learning process right?


2008-01-23 05:38:17

Yeah like the last guy said you're drawings need work but that's only natural for a newb to flash. Try drawing with the paint brush tool instead of the line tool. It's heaps easier and looks a whole world better as well.

Don't make previews. Just make the whole flash instead. Luckily the flash I just saw felt like an actual episode and not just a preview.

If your preview does get blammed don't get discouraged. Everyone's first few flashes get blammed but as you'll get better with time.